Thriving through challenges

and collaboration.

I use design to understand customers, solve problems, enhance experiences, tell stories, connect people, push boundaries, and deliver great solutions to grow businesses....and make people empowered.


Supporting and collaborating

with teams and people.

Finding the best solution or idea is a collective effort that nobody own. We need to be open to constructive feedback and criticism to learn and grow.


Innovative & resourceful

Because we are part of a constantly changing digital eco-system, I invest a lot of time keeping up-to-date with innovating solutions. It's how I can be a resourceful and efficient partner for your business.

Understanding both business and customers needs to scope, plan and scale the right strategy, and deliver a tailored experience on time and budget.

. Design thinking workshops
. UX audit and analysis
. User research
. Workflows and processes

Developing a brand identity is creating a compelling story that convey brand's core values and believes. We build a visual language that sustain this story in a consistent and creative way, transforming words to shapes and colors, and creating a unique identity.

. Brand territory
. Brand strategy
. Brand assets
. Brand guidelines

Using a user-centered approach, we can start creating user stories and user flows, identifying friction points, improving user journey, testing, prototyping and refining ideas, based on user research and insights.

. Personas, user flows and user stories
. Information architecture
. Wireframing and prototyping
. Design system and UI librairies

Interaction design is essential to help users achieving their task and giving them the feeling of completion. By giving visual feedback, or cue, from the system every time the user interact with it, we ensure that users understand what the system tell them. this is basically a conversation between a human and a system.

. Animation and interaction system
. Prototyping and testing
. Notifications and system feedback


Design thinking.

We schedule kick-offs at the right time and workshops when needed to generate ideas and prepare for the next step.



I tailor my process around your requirements and needs, scoping and planning each step with you. Waterfall or agile process, it'e up to you.


Still there.

Just because the work is done, it doesn't mean I'm done with you. I'm always available to suggest new ideas and help you develop yours as the months and years go by.

Holistic approach

Holistic design is a design approach which sees a design as an interconnected whole that is part of the larger world. It goes beyond problem solving to incorporate all aspects of the ecosystem in which a product is used, like business, budget, time-frame, etc...


Design can solve complex problems. Putting the user in the center of any problems allow us to find the solution by understanding his behaviour, motivations, expectations... and avoiding irational assumptions.

& resilience

Those 13 last years, I learned that there is often more than one unique solution, so giving up is not an option. We often need to change our perspective, think differently, go for a walk an come back later, whatever we need. But at the end of the day, there is always a solution.

Driven by

I aim to thrive and learn from every project alongside my clients. Every project and clients are different and unique. There is always somethiung new and exciting to solve and learn.