Driven by Challenges

I've been enjoying my job for the last 10 years, working for advertising companies and as a freelancer, settling down in different countries, collaborating with some really smart people (mostly), and seeking for challenges that would push me out of my comfort zone. I've been through a lot of joy, frustration, magic, boredom, argumentations, etc... and I still believe we can make the difference and create awesome visual and interactive experiences by pushing the boundaries.


Translating emotions

Part of my work consists of developing a relationship between brands and customers creating this emotional connection that will resonate and grow. I translate values and feelings into shapes, colors, and movements, creating captivating and crafted visual experiences. I believe in the balance between design and UX, where a user-centered approach would take the lead and design would support identity and functionalities.


Design for the real world

Because my work is part of a client plan, I ensure that my deliverables will be on-time, on-budget, respecting the client's sensibility and target's needs.