Digital branding | UX | Design lead

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Mobile first website.

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Digital branding, lead UX, lead design

Ogilvy and Mather

As a part of their digital plan, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra needed a new approach for their website, focusing on targets new behaviour (more and more digital savvy). After some few workshops, we identify and organised 4 pillars (inform, educate, entertain, and act) that would answer the main user journeys. We finally came with a custome made solution: mobile first website focusing on the main UX and driving user throught content, rethinking the design and UI to hero the content, and highlighting the video and audio ressources.


We worked with a design agency (special) to bring their work into the digital space. We quikly realized that we had to keep it light, to really hero the content. The simple and clean interface really try to emphasise this aspect. The UI support the UX and give a visual structure and hierachy.


Our work is based on behaviour's studies for classical music listener and fans, but although for music professionals, institutional entities and partners, etc... The challenge was to map and narrow down most significant behaviours (answering the 4 main pillars), then to create personas and scenariis, to finally translate that into user journeys, inforamtion architecture and navigation map.

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