Digital Branding | UX lead | Design lead

360 VR Experience

Android and IOS app allowing the user to experience extreme sports through a custom built VR headset.


Digital branding, lead UX, lead design

Ogilvy and Mather, Geometry global

Kellogg's asked us to engage kids with extreme sports, following an ongoing campaign (unstoppable). Based on google cardboard idea, we turned the Nutri-Grain cereal box into a VR headset and created a 360 VR app. A fun way to eat your cereals for breakfast!


Design & branding

We based our work on a current Kellogg's Australian campaign guidelines (unstoppable). We adapted the current branding and maintain the same look and feel for custom elements (UI). The idea was to keep the over whole aspect clean and uncluttered, all the design elements tending to highlight the content. Finally, the design had obviously to support the UX (not the other way around).

UX & interaction

The user experience was divided into 3 parts: the Hub (general interface where you can select the video and access the different options), the VR mode (interaction when the phone is inside the headset) and the "how to" mode (interface to quickly and simply understand how to build the headset or how to interact with the app in VR mode). We based our work on google cardboard, refining and adapting when necessary.

Main hub screen

VR menu screen

"How to" menu screen