for faster fuel & coffee

BPme is an app that let you pay from your car (no need to go to the counter anymore), locates the nearest BP gas station, and tags your coffee and get rewarded. We helped BP designing their app, finding the best UX and UI approach. The app is now up and running for professionals.

Ogilvy & Mather, BP
Digital Branding, UX lead, Design lead
The challenge for this project was to get users on board, giving them a personal and frictionless experience, allowing them for the first time to pay with their phone for petrol. We worked closely with the development team and tested by iteration. Few processes where critical like users financial details, users main process explanation, and more.
01. Digital branding
Getting closer to customers
The main purpose of this app is to make customers' life easier. The first step has been to create a more personal and human identity for this product. That's when we came with the handwritten "me" to create empathy with customers and helping them to get on board.
User experience
03. User Experience
Information architecture
and user-centric research.
The UX approach covered several user journeys, from First-time user experience (tour, settings, etc...), Registration, to fuel choice and payment process. We thought each journey as a physical space identified by a consistent background, UI kit and animation. The main goal was for the user to get the most simple, secured and intuitive experience.