Sustainable housing

collaboration platform.

Foundation is an online platform and community sharing innovations and sustainable practices for architects, builders and a larger community interested in a better way of building houses. They ask me to help to develop the first phase of their project by creating a brand identity and creating the core functionalities and look and feel for their platform.

Strategy, Branding, UX & UI
The idea was to develop an online platform to share best practices around sustainable houses, bringing together experts, resources, products, stories, and articles. We developed a strategy that would put in a strategic and leading position in this community, being seen as experts sharing knowledge.
Brand guidelines
01. Brand guidelines
Sustainable, ecological and friendly
We wanted to stay simple, straightforward, but to introduce the concept of stability, related to the foundations of a house. The other direction was to play with the part “found” of the word foundation, to emphasize the idea of finding useful information and resources on the platform.
User experience
03. Wireframes
Information architecture
and user-centric research.
When we started developing the information architecture and wireframes, They didn’t have a clear idea of how to organize their content. So we started interviewing possible audiences, scoping, and mapping out the information, trying to categorize it. After few iterations, workshops, and refinement, we created a system of 5 categories to display different sections to drive the user through content, from informational to commercial.
Digital design.
04. User interfaces
Content-first appraoch.
The creation of the main UI guideline has been thought around the concept of content first: A light UI allows us to highlight the content and drive user through it. Using some “splash” of primary colors to guide the user, we wanted something slick and user-friendly. The release of the Beta version will allow us to test different layouts and refine some UI elements.