a real estate agency

to fit digital.

After working with Clarke group on different ventures, we collaborated on their branding and digital identity to reflect their new positioning, offer, goals, and fit into digital.
After analyzing the competition, market, and opportunities, we worked on their core values and came with an unique proposition.

Clarke group
Rebranding & website
In order to attract new investors, we started digging into their core values, realigning them to fit their main strategy and offer. We made them evolve from "established" to "innovative" business, bringing credibility, expertise, and experience.
01. Rebranding
Balance between establishment and innovative business.
We revamped their logo for a more actual and timeless look and feel, conveying expertise, long-term vision, and strength.
We kept an established and trusted color-palette, blending it with some more contemporary pattern, squared angles and straight line, giving a balance between the credibility of the company and the human aspect of housing development.
02. Digital design
Conveying their story and value onto digital.
Their story was to bring a new perspective to property development with positive results and convenient, affordable housing options. Adding ideas of innovation and expertise, we designed a website giving clarity and room for each element to breath, giving the idea of control, experience, and reliability.